Are you doing enough to
protect your children
from secondhand smoke?

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Am I Doing Enough?

- Learn how secondhand smoke affects your children HERE
- Download the activity sheet HERE for your children to teach them about the dangers of secondhand smoke
- Click HERE and read a Parent's Guide to learn how to protect your children.
- Watch what children and physicians have to say HERE.
- Download a pledge card HERE and take the first step toward making your home and car smoke free.
  • - Thank passengers for not smoking in your car.
  • - Fill your car’s ashtray with spare change so you are not tempted to fill it with ash.
  • - Leave a cell phone charger or other device plugged into the car’s adapter outlet so you are not tempted to use it as a lighter
  • - Store your cigarettes in the trunk or in another out-of-reach area while you drive
  • - Consider a sign or decal for your car that reminds passengers not to smoke in the car if children are present

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For free help quitting tobacco call:
1-800-QUIT NOW
(1-800-784-8669) | TTY: 1-877-777-6534
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The "Health Educator Toolkit"


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